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Jokes'nFun.com Flash Arcade Games

At Jokes'nFun.com we've gathered all the best Flash and Shockwave games into one place. With over 1,000 games available you're sure to find something great to play!

 Random Game Picks:

Played 3449 times
Homerun Rally

Played 3342 times
Cheezy Chums

Played 2820 times
Ball Breaker 1

Played 3028 times
Soccer, Rabbi Cup

Played 2955 times
Rickshaw Jam

Played 3325 times
Shanghai Mahjong

Played 3810 times

Played 3529 times
2D Paint Ball

Played 5279 times
The Abduction

Played 3222 times

Played 2917 times
Wild Kite

Played 2618 times
Blobs Peg Solitaire

Played 2879 times
Mashi Maro

Played 2956 times
Counter Strike

Played 4036 times
Cubeez * Balance Game * Harvey Wallbanger * The Sheep Race * MotoCross * Megaman Polarity * Spy Hunter * A.L.I.A.S. * Suicide Bomber * Tarifa Surfer * Pearl Diver * Keep Ups * UFO * Starship Legend * Smashing * Age of Castles * XT SnowBoard * Presidential Knockout * Black Knight * All Hallows Eve * Soccer 1.0 * Poker Machine * ... more ...

 Most Popular Games
Adrenaline Challenge

Played 72517 times
Drivers ED

Played 62108 times

Played 49769 times
Drag Racer 3

Played 43408 times

Played 28334 times
Brain Splatters 2

Played 24893 times
Kitten Cannon

Played 22725 times

Played 21588 times
The Idiot Test!

Played 19859 times
PacMan Adamo

Played 18087 times
BMX Stunts

Played 17970 times
Tactical Assassin

Played 17938 times
Driving Game

Played 14542 times
Super Mafia Brothers

Played 14292 times
Bloody Rage

Played 13711 times
Keep Katie Quiet * Create a Ride * Beer Goggles * Kill Kenny * God's Playing Field * Balloon Fight * Celebrity Fight Club * Tanks * Parking Perfection * Armed Invasion * Fishy * Acne Be Gone * Beatup PC * Deanimtor * Down Hill * ... more ...

 Highest Rated Games

Played 6455 times
Space Invaders

Played 5880 times

Played 11924 times
Exxon Valdez Spill

Played 4803 times
Couronne Training

Played 8784 times
Sniper: Demonic Osbournes

Played 6101 times
Christmas Combat

Played 6553 times

Played 7613 times
Alien Hominid

Played 7567 times
Flash Ludo

Played 7320 times
Santa balls 2

Played 7397 times
God's Playing Field

Played 12288 times
Trapshoot * tetris * Alien Abduction * Beatup PC * Trog * Supreme Golf * Mini Pool 2 * Shootout Challenge * Spacerunner * Grundo's Snow Throw * ... more ...

 Newest Games

Played 6847 times
Armed Invasion

Played 11667 times
Balloon Fight

Played 12271 times
The Idiot Test!

Played 19859 times
Ambush at the Pass

Played 10227 times
Dr Strangegutt

Played 9306 times

Played 6821 times
Pac Azna

Played 6427 times

Played 8437 times

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