"Way Better Than Doing Stuff At Work"
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These are the most frequently played games at Jokes'nFun.com, as recorded by our system.

Adrenaline Challenge

Played 72418 times
Drivers ED

Played 62008 times

Played 49672 times
Drag Racer 3

Played 43302 times

Played 28230 times
Brain Splatters 2

Played 24792 times
Kitten Cannon

Played 22631 times

Played 21488 times
The Idiot Test!

Played 19747 times
BMX Stunts

Played 17875 times
Tactical Assassin

Played 17837 times
PacMan Adamo

Played 17836 times
Driving Game

Played 14424 times
Super Mafia Brothers

Played 14196 times
Bloody Rage

Played 13614 times
Keep Katie Quiet

Played 13066 times

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